Transformational Coaching


Transformational Coaching: Your path to personal growth

What is Transformational coaching?

It would impossible to to answer this comprehensively in a short blog post… but here goes!

In our journey through life, we often encounter moments when we feel stuck, uninspired or unsure of our next steps. It’s during these times that the guidance and support of a transformational coach can prove invaluable.

Transformational coaching is a conversational based approach to moving someone from where they are to where they want to be. Finding clarity of thought and vision, bringing self-awareness and challenging thoughts, feelings and patterns of behaviour to set future outcomes for change. The characteristics focus is on the clients own choices, solutions and agenda.

A transformational coach acts as a trusted partner, providing guidance, support and encouragement to individuals seeking personal or professional transformation.

At “Gaudi Hair” we are passionate about creating a holistic journey toward wellness and vitality. Volunteering in the realm of community mental health and witnessing the emotional trauma many face ignited Angela Goudie owner of Gaudi Hair to gain the knowledge and skills to offer support.

The Gaudi transformation coaching strategy is facilitated using a blend of modalities such as Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) – mastering thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Positive Psychology – optimum human functioning that leads to fulfilment.

Applied neuroscience – nourishing brain, nervous system and mind health

Educating – Upskilling for confidence

Each creates a healthy environment for a positive mindset, belief change, and optimising positive mental health, commanding mastery and balance in work, rest and play.

What makes Transformational coaching different?

Traditional Coaching is a collaborative process that focuses on future goals.

Counselling focuses on the past, on understanding, and is usually left open-ended

Mentoring requires experience and knowledge in the area of being mentored and offering advice.

Educating largely pre-designed agenda set by the trainer to teach specific knowledge

Transformational coaching goes beyond surface-level change, finding the deep structure that shapes people’s lives.

In summary what makes Gaudi transformational coaching different from other areas is a unique combination of being solution-focused, action-orientated, future-focused, facilitative, and collaborative, thus creating self-initiated transformation.


Working with a coach will provide clarity around your values, passions and purpose bringing heightened awareness and enabling you to make more informed decisions and align your actions with your authentic self.

A coach will assist you in setting compelling goals breaking them down into manageable steps and developing effective strategies to overcome obstacles, increasing the likelihood of success.

Transformational coaching empowers individuals to recognise and leverage their strengths, building self-confidence and emotional resilience. You will learn to overcome self-doubt, remove limiting beliefs, embrace change, and feel supported as you step out of your comfort zone, unlocking your full potential.

The coaching process improves communication skills, both personally and professionally developing stronger interpersonal connections, resolving conflict and cultivating healthier relationships.

Coaches provide strategies for managing stress, anxiety and depression. Setting boundaries, practising self-care, prioritising physical and mental health enhancing a work–life balance and promoting overall well-being.


As people try to get to grip with and take stock of their lives and businesses, in an incredibly complex, fast-paced and demanding social environment. Person-centred coaching offers valuable contributions to supporting people to build lives that make them happy, add to the world and generate stronger emotional resources.

If you are ready for positive change and to unlock your full potential, explore your passions and pursue your dreams then I’m the coach for you.