Are you getting these 3 vital things from your hair stylist?


We all have busy lives!

It is so easy to loose sight of how it should feel to sit and relax in the salon chair when you are dealing with the whirlwind of work commitments, family lives and managing social events!

It’s easy to overlook the crucial aspects of a salon experience that truly matter. For any busy woman who values pampering herself & indulging in luxury brands these are non-negotiables! As an established team of dedicated specialists, we understand the importance of pressing pause, checking in with you on every visit and making sure your hair doesn’t add to your list of daily stresses. This blog aims to shed light on three vital elements you should be receiving from your hair stylist. If you find yourself questioning your current salon experience, it might be time to consider a change.

1. Genuine Listening

Your salon experience should always begin with a thorough consultation and we don’t just mean a quick “Hi, how are you, are we doing the same as last time?” as your stylist stands behind you looking at you through the mirror. We mean a face to face conversation! A skilled stylist doesn’t just cut hair; they take the time to understand your lifestyle, your morning routine, your hair preferences, hair goals and suitability. We believe in the power of listening and not just on your first visit. We listen to feedback, how you have managed your hair since your last appointment– every client is unique, and your stylist will tailor their expertise to enhance your individual beauty.

2. Clear Communication

How satisfied are you with the guidance you receive before, during and after your appointment?

Communication is the key to any salon experience. Whether you are greeted on arrival by a front of house, offered any upgrades available that day or asked how you are getting on with your hair a week later, clear communication is paramount! A professional stylist ensures that you’re well-informed and if there are any pain points along the way, you know how to overcome them. Feeling confident in your choices and empowered from the moment you leave the salon. At Gaudi hair we offer an online consultation form, before you even step foot inside the salon. This is a chance to ask any questions and give us an idea of your expectations before we meet.

3. Excitement, Change & Inspiration

Your stylist should be ready to pounce on you with new ideas and inspiration, even if you’ve had the same hairstyle for years! Because one day you might want to change but you were never asked! Sometimes it only takes a small nudge to inspire change but it can take you from feeling drab to fab with a simple parting change or slight face frame. A skilled professional goes beyond routine cuts and colours; they infuse creativity and excitement into your style. Suggesting change or opportunity, going the extra mile to show they care.

In Conclusion

Your salon experience can be a source of empowerment, confidence, and self-expression. You want to ensure your stylist is giving you the time and attention you truly deserve, actively listening to your needs and managing your expectations. Feel prepared for your salon visit, receive a consistent level of service each time and fully understand each process you and your hair will go through. Finally always be offered change, feel excited to update your look and full of knowledge to recreate it yourself every time!

If you resonate with any of the doubts raised in this article, it might be worth exploring what sets us apart. In our next blog, “5 Reasons Why We Are the Best Salon in Bristol,” we delve into the solutions that make our salon an unparalleled choice for the professional woman who seeks excellence in every aspect of her life. Click here to discover why our salon could be your perfect match and elevate your pampering experience to new heights.