Everything you need to know about our ‘You Time Offer’


Embark on a journey of ultimate relaxation and transformation with our exclusive ‘You Time’ offer.

We understand that when it comes to choosing a pampering experience, you want to know you are in the hands of well experienced professionals and all the details at your fingertips.

From the duration of the experience to the cost and all the added extras, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find answers to frequently asked questions and discover why booking this incredible offer is a must for anyone seeking a relaxing and indulgent salon experience in Bristol.


What does the ‘Gaudi Experience’ include?

We have 2 types of ‘You Time’ packages available to book depending on your hair type and texture, we don’t want you to feel rushed therefore ensuring we allocate the right time to spend making you feel amazing. Whether you choose the Straight to Curly package we have the time to smooth out your hair or dry slowly and steadily with a diffuser, Alternatively choose the Corkscrew to Kinky package and we can take our time to diffuse dry, twist out or you can choose a protective style for you.

The ‘Gaudi Experience’ is a transformative journey for you and your hair. Everyone should feel fully pampered when visiting their hairdresser which is why we have created this ‘You time’ experience. We begin with a solution-focused consultation, deep diving into your world of hair and whats is achievable. An intense repair and moisture treatment, relaxing scalp massage, and the signature hot towel ‘Gaudi Ritual.’ Once you are fully indulged we begin your reshape cut, blow dry and style crafted just for you. Taking into consideration all that was discussed at consultation stage, a demo of how to style your own hair at home and home care recommendations. We follow each appointment up with a digital new client welcome pack and follow up email to ensure you are managing your hair yourself at home.

How long does the ‘You Time’ experience take?

The ‘You Time’ experience is designed to be a stress free and indulgent experience. We don’t want you to feel rushed, you deserve to feel pampered. On average, the Straight to Curly package takes approximately 1 1/2 hours although you may want to allow 2 hours so you don’t feel time pressured. The Corkscrew to Kinky hair package takes slightly longer, approximately 2 hours but you may want to allow 2 1/2 hours to ensure you can enjoy the full experience.

What is the cost of the ‘You Time’ offer?

We price the 2 packages slightly differently depending on hair type and texture. The Straight to Curly entire ‘You Time’ package, with all its inclusions starts at £50 with a graduate stylist, £90 with Creative Director. The Corkscrew to Kinky package starts at £85 with a Stylist, £110 with a Creative Director. This value-packed offer not only guarantees savings of over £165 but also provides you with a rejuvenating experience that goes beyond a standard salon visit.

Are there any additional bonuses or perks?

Absolutely! In addition to the savings, the ‘You Time’ offer comes with two extra bonus opportunities worth over £150. Receive a gift with purchase for any retail purchased that day. Be in with a chance to win our brand new Discover You Consultation, a personalised journey of self-discovery that dive’s deep into your identity, lifestyle and personality. Using the power of colour to unlock your true colour identity, feel empowered and look fantastic.

Why should you book the ‘You Time’ experience?

Booking the ULTIMATE ‘You time’ offer is the perfect way to stop, recharge and re-establish you. Beyond the savings and bonuses, our skilled stylists are committed to providing you with an incredible (well deserved) pamper! This offer is tailored to enhance your well-being, boost your confidence, and leave you with stunning, rejuvenated hair. Treat yourself – because you deserve it.


Now that you have all the details about our ‘You Time’ packages and understand why booking is essential, why wait?

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