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Below you will find the Wheel of Life exercise, carry out the task as thoroughly as possible. This will identify potential areas to visit during your coaching sessions.

Find Balance in your life 

How often do you take the time to reflect on your life?

Do you know which areas bring you joy?

The ‘Wheel of Life’ is the English translation of the Sanskrit word “Bhavachakra”, which literally means “Wheel of Becoming”. It is the symbolic representation of the cycle of death and rebirth in Buddhism. It can be found inside the antechamber of every Tibetan Buddhist temple.

Take a “helicopter view” of your life so that you can bring things into balance and highlight areas that you would like to explore.

It’s not about your past or your future, but a snapshot taken in the present moment, and the emphasis is on your satisfaction in each area.


  • Print off a copy. 
  • Find some uninterrupted time alone, be comfortable and really use the time to allow your thoughts to flow. 
  • Reflecting on each category, rank your level of satisfaction in each area and make a mark on each segment. The centre 0 (very dissatisfied) and the outer edge 10 (extremely satisfied). Use the FIRST number that pops into your head, not the number you think it should be!
  • Once you have marked each section, join the dots together, it should resemble something like this…
  • Below are some prompts for reflection
  • Notice the feelings that arise when you explore each category and make a note. Journaling is a proven tool to support positive mental health and well-being.
  • Now join up the lines by drawing a connecting line down the edge of each segment. The resulting shape represents your wheel of life. Does it flow easily or is it a bumpy ride?
  • Now looking at the wheel, choose which area you would like to explore in your self-discovery exploration coaching session. It doesn’t have to be the one with the lowest score. It could be another one, which when improved you know would bring about benefits in several other areas.
  • Once complete, you are ready to book your coaching session.

Exercise Prompts 

1. Business & career – How satisfied are you with your job?

Is it the job that you had imagined or would you rather pursue another career?

Does the job bring you happiness and satisfaction?

Does the job earn enough for a satisfactory living?

Are you overworked?

2. Finance – Are all incomes enough to meet all basic needs and other needs?

Are you dependent on loans?

Do you not have any debts?

Is money the only thing that makes a person happy? 

3. Health – How physically and mentally healthy are you?

How do you feel?

Do you have great energy?

Do you have any physical discomfort?

To what extent are you engaged in wellness activities? How is your sleep?

When do you rest?

4. Social & friends – Are friends supportive, unconditional, and trustworthy?

Can friendships be built upon, and can friends always be counted on?

To what extent do you spend your free time with friends? 

5. Family – How important is family time to you?

Do you feel obligated to spend time with them? Do they put demands on you that make you feel restricted?

Do you depend on your family to make you happy?

6. Romance – Have you found happiness in love?

Do you have a new partner or a committed partner?

Do you feel valued in your current relationship?

Do you have intimacy in your life?

How often do you make time for each other?

7. Fun & recreation – Are you enjoying life?

Do you practice hobbies or sports?

How do you spend your free time, and who with?

What brings you joy?

Do you explore other countries and cultures?

How do you rest and relax?

8. Contribution – Do you help others?

Do you volunteer?

To what extent are you active at clubs, communities, in the neighbourhood, or taking care of family members?

How would you like to contribute to the wider world?

9. Personal Growth – Do you desire personal growth?

Are you open to new experiences and eager to learn?

What self-development activities would excite you? 

10. Spiritual – Are you spiritually connected to both your inner and outer world?

What does spirituality mean to you?

What does connection mean to you?

11. Self-image – Are you satisfied with your appearance and weight?

Do you hold high self-esteem?

Are you confident in your communication?

How would you like to be perceived by others?