Have you heard of our fabriq ultimate treatment?


Save time and energy with our latest technology in smoothing and repairing hair. Fabriq fights frizz, cuts down styling time and adds unbelievable shine.


If we had a pound for every time someone told us

“I can never get my hair as smooth as you do”

we would be rich! The truth is, it takes time, energy and lets face it, that is something we all lack! So let us help you get on with your busy life whilst looking and feeling your best!

What is Fabriq?

It is a non-chemical smoothing treatment with a combination of proteins that is proven to

  • Renew dry, damaged and weak hair
  • Restore protein and moisture levels within the hairs structure
  • Cuts down blowdrying time
  • Makes hair easier to manage between salon appointments and most importantly,
  • It is not a straightening treatment

The Fabriq Ultimate treatment lasts up to 4 months in your hair, the effects will gradually fade over time although regular salon visits will help prolong the duration of your Kerastraight with an intense boost top up. Each top up gives a boost of either protien or moisture with results lasting up to 30 days. Continue the luxury feeling at home with the Shampoo, Conditioner & styling range

How long will it last in my hair?

Kerastraight Homecare

How long it will last depends on the condition of the hair prior to the treatment. In most cases with regular boosts and consistant Fabriq homecare your Ultimate treatment can last up to 4 months.

The service itself takes between 2-4 hours to apply and finish, depending on your hair length. Our prices start at £160 and increase based on hair length, texture and thickness.

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Who is Fabriq for?

You will be pleased to hear Fabriq is suitable for all hair types, and at Gaudi we love to be inclusive.

It works brilliantly on curly, mixed textures & Afro hair, but be aware the tightest of curls may become soft and supple, but not straightened. The ultimate treatment delivers

  • Manageability,
  • Shine
  • Softness
  • Eliminates frizz
  • Gives resistance to humidity which is a great benefit to these excessively curly hair types.
  • Fine hair can benefit too
  • Taming fly aways
  • Improving condition
  • Boosting shine.

Will Fabriq make my hair straight?

Although Fabriq will give a smoother result and tame frizz, it should not be mistaken for a permanent straightening service. Most importantly, it will not straighten your hair.

What our customers say …

“The fabriq treatment has done exactly what I had hoped. My natural curl is still there when wet, but overall it is softer and more manageable.

I am able to blend my regrowth easily, whilst not over processing my hair with heat.

I am so pleased with the results!”

Lauren Cutler

Transitioning from relaxed hair to the fabriq system

The Science

Triprotamend contains proteins with small molecules that diffuse rapidly into the hairs fibre, reacting with the hairs natural keratin. They fill in defects restructuring and strengthening the hair.

Hydroryzin is packed with rich hydration ingredients that create a great moisture balance within the hair. This allows the protein to deliver maximum power, restructuring and rebuilding the hair.

Botaniset is a compound of African and Amazonian fruit and plant extract to keep the treatment sealed in for longevity.

The system can work along other chemical processes such as colours, lighteners, perms and relaxers too. Do not perform a colour, relaxer or perm on the same appointment as a fabriq ultimate treatment.


Once the hair has been transformed with the Ultimate Treatment, it needs to be maintained with loving care.
In other words, use Fabriq ‘Moisture Advanced’ or ‘Volume’ shampoo and conditioner as your home care to maximise the benefits. These products are free from sodium chloride and sulphates which would strip the new proteins from the hair and jeopardise the longevity.

For best results we recommend an Intense protein Boost for strength and softness, however an Intense moisture boost increases hydration in between Ultimate KeraStraight treatments. Above all it will ultimately re energise the proteins and get the best results from your investment.

So what are you waiting for? Start your Fabriq journey today! Fill in one of our online Fabriq consultations today.