Healthy Summer Hair

So the summer is officially upon us and holiday season is here!! There is no better excuse then the summer sunshine to spend the long days out and about exploring the outdoors.

This blog is all things you need to know about protecting your hair this summer and having Healthy Summer Hair!!

Summer can bring a few challenges to our hair. The summer heat can damage our locks, give us very oily scalps, and even turn our hair green when in contact with chlorine. But, fear not! We are here to your rescue and want to share some amazing and simple summer hair tips!

Drinking Water

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The first essential top tip to healthy summer hair is keeping your fluid levels up and drinking plenty of water! Its a known fact that water is key to a healthy mind and body, but it also does wonders to your hair. Remember that water will always hydrate your hair and scalp. In addition to drinking 2-3 litres of water a day, make sure that you are eating delicious healthy foods that are boosting hair growth.

Reducing heat exposure to your hair is one of the best ways to protect it. If you are going to spend a long day in the sun, we recommend covering your hair and scalp with a hat/scarf etc and using a heat protector which includes an SPF protection.

ghd Heat Protection spray provides an invisible barrier over your hair protecting it fully from the heat of dryers, straighteners and the suns UV rays!!

Another way of protecting your hair is to avoid heat styling as much as possible, i know this may seem a tough choice however there are some amazing heat-free hairstyle ideas.

Another way to maintain healthy summer hair is to limit the amount of exposure your hair has towards chlorine. As you may be aware, high levels of chlorine can actually turn your hair green. The key to avoiding the greenish color and chlorine damage is to prep your hair before taking a swim. Dry hair acts like a sponge, so if you can rinse your hair with tap water before your swim in order to ensure it will absorb significantly less chlorine. Alternatively you can use a deep conditioner to coat your hair prior to swimming. After the swim, rinsing the hair thoroughly and using a deep cleansing shampoo will remove any traces of chlorine.

It is usual for many pools, gyms and leisure facilities with showers to use levels of chlorine in there water system so it is always recommended to wash your hair at home … at least you know the water does not contain the high levels of chlorine you may face!

Perspiration, environmental dirt and quick drying hair products like hair spray and hard hold gel can cause dryness at the best of times, however during the hotter summer months it can cause even more damage. Ensure you limit amount of drying products you use and refrain from shampooing every day!! When you do shampoo and condition your hair it would be recommended to use something slightly more hydrating to compensate for the hotter weather and humidity. A deep conditioning treatment when left on your hair will instantly refresh and hydrate your thirsty hair. If you have finer hair and are concerned about weighing your hair down try and use a light leave in conditioner.

L’Oreal’s Vitamino 10 in 1 spray is a light weight conditioning spray which protects your hair with 10 instant benefits – protection for hair colour radiance, shine, soft feeling, consistency, heat protection up to 230 degrees, detangling, helps blow-dry, anti-breakage.

10 in 1- Vitamino Colour

10 in 1- Vitamino Colour

Frizzy hair is a huge challenge for most people throughout the year, however during the summer months it seems to grow in size the minute you step out the door. Keeping your hair oiled and hydrated is the key to helping combat frizzy hair. Avoid over brushing your hair, this will encourage frizz and make your hair more unruly.

Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for their top tips on keeping your hair healthy throughout the summer months. They can advise you on your best options for hair care and colour, frequency of appointments and non heat styling ideas.

Enjoy the Holidays 🙂

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A simple guide to holiday hair!!

The summer is finally here which can only mean one thing … holiday season is upon us. Whilst filling your case with essential items such as swimwear and factor 50 you should also be thinking about your hair care.

For most, when your away all you want to be concerned about is when your next cocktail is coming and what sites you wish to visit, the last thing you want to be thinking of is your hair. So do not worry we have it covered in this simple guide, from the essential items you will need to top hair styling tips whilst your away.

How should we prepare our hair before holiday?

Ensuring your condition is at its finest before you depart is a great start, asking your stylist what products are best for you to use to help moisturise, protect and nourish your hair. If you are not already using a fabulous professional shampoo and conditioner then you should be… as your hair will thrive from the specially formulated ingredients in all professional products. Intense conditioning treatments and leave in conditioners are also great for use prior to your holidays.

The Gaudi recommended leave in conditioners are:-

IMAGE - L'Oreal Professional

IMAGE – L’Oreal Professional

L’Oreal Professional’s Vitamino Colour 10 in 1 Spray                                          Creates protection for hair colour radiance, shine, soft feeling, consistency, heat protection up to 230 degrees, detangling, helps blow-dry, anti-breakage, helps reduce the appearance of split ends and protects against the look of frizz.

MIZANI 25 Miracle Milk 

A lightweight leave-in treatment that provides 25 benefits in just one bottle. This easy-to-use product preps hair for styling, helps detangle with less breakage, provides moisture, protects against heat damage and is free of paraben, sulfate, drying alcohols and mineral oil. Made with hydrating coconut milk and fennel seed extract, this leave-in treatment works miracles on natural, relaxed or transitioning hair. Spray on freshly shampooed hair and use to detangle, strengthen and moisturise hair while styling or on dry hair as a daily refresher.

IMAGE - Mizani Uk

IMAGE – Mizani Uk

L’Oreal Professionals Solar Sublime Spray                                                                     A light, leave-in mist formulation that features Mexoryl S.O and provides instant conditioning protection for hair during sun exposure, shielding it from drying effects, while leaving it looking super shiny. A simple spritz to improve your hair’s summer sun strategy. This is a MUST HAVE for your holiday packing list!!



Secondly a heat protection is also essential, all of the recommended products above contain heat protection however if your after that something extra ghd offer a heat protection spray.

IMAGE - ghd

IMAGE – ghd

ghd Style Heat Protection Spray provides an invisible barrier against everyday heat damage on damp or dry hair. Containing the unique ghd Heat Protection System, this spray can be layered with other styling products to create the result you desire.



The newest product we have to offer here at Gaudi which helps with all your holiday needs is the Serie Expert Nutrifier blow dry cream. With the right dose of nutrition it helps to protect the hairs fibre from heat up to 230°c, helps hydration and penetrates coconut oil. Rich in essential fatty acids, it nourishes the hair without weighing down. Nourished, hair is instantly transformed : softer, more supple, shinier and more resistant.


The signs of dry and heat damaged hair include a raised hair cuticle, hair that lacks shine, feels rough and tangles easily. If left untreated, hair becomes more fragile and prone to breakage. This is where your stylist can recommend you a fabulous shampoo and conditioning treatment for continual use, not just on your holiday but all year round.

The next thing to think about is your hair colour and cut. If you do not get rid of split ends in advance the sun, sea and swimming will make them travel faster and further up your hair. Ensure you have a good trim at least two weeks before you go. Ensure you leave a small amount of time between your colour and your departure. This will ensure the hair has enough time to settle and if you need you can apply a treatment to strengthen your hair prior to going.



Try and wear your hair up during the day on your holidays. A top knot is perfect pool-side hair, You can keep the water out of your hair when in the pool or sea, but it won’t collapse if you do get it wet. It is elegant in photos as it elongates your neck. Plaits, braids and twists are also great ways of ensuring your hair is safe and slightly protected from the chlorine and sun but also look fabulous. Ask your stylist at Gaudi to show you quick and easy ways to create braids, plaits and twists. Thousands of hair tutorials are also available online and give really great step by step videos showing you how to. Hair accessories such as hat and scarfs are also brilliant forms of protection but keep you looking stylish on the beach.

Don’t forget that although many hotels provide products such as shampoo, is it always best to take your own. Small travel size bottles are available for a huge amount of professional products however you can also transfer these to personal bottles that are suitable to travel.

Lastly we hope you have the most amazing holiday ever, we look forward to hearing all your stories when you return.

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Happy Holidays!!!!