Autumn/Winter Hair Inspiration ….

Autumn/Winter Hair Inspiration ….

After a scorching summer, the UK is going to start settling down into the cooler autumn months.  These months of fabulous sunshine have bared witnessed to fantastic festival line ups, a stunning royal wedding and sizzling long weekends… its safe to say it was an all round great summer had by all.




At Gaudi we have witnessed some great summer hair changes, from brunettes wanting to add a little depth and blondes looking to cool things down. The spring/summer hair trends have showed us pops of colour and icy white blondes ….. not to mention vibrant coppers and reds to match the rising temperatures. But now we are slowly moving into the autumn some trends are set to change.

Autumn/Winter Trends 2018/19

Crossing over into the cooler months we will start to see blondes warm up and coppers deepen … but just because the sunshine is gone doesn’t mean the pops of colour and braids should be tucked away until next year. Check out these next few looks for some huge style inspiration!!

Coffee Balayage – Coffee or Toffee Balayage as it may be known consists of the usual freehand technique, blending and mixing colours together to create the most seamless of finishes. Changing up the tones and working with shades such as dark espresso to the soft lattes. The perfect shake up to your usual tones – fully embracing the warmer colour.


Over-sized Braids –  During the recent fashion weeks we saw lots of deep side partings, tousled waves and low ponys. At the Simone Rocha show over-sized braids took center stage, tied with a ribbon and lace. This look is ideal for the winter months and can be perfect for all hair types and textures. Check out this great tutorial on an oversized pull through braid, its a really great technique that can be used on all hair types and textures.


Natural Curls – More and more curly haired queens are moving away from weaves and relaxers to embrace their natural curls and we LOVE it!!! Mizani’s True Textures range is perfect for all textures and curl types, with products suitable for freshening everyday curls, deep conditioning treatments and curl defining creams – what is not to love.



Rose Brown Hair – Elaborating on the original rose gold hair for lighter bases, this is finally something the brunettes can too get involved in. Creating this soft hue is simple to achieve and may not even involve lightening!!


Ballerina Bun – Forget the bun rings and over sized messy buns, its now all about the slick precise finish of a ballerina bun. Also a version of the top knot we are seeing these stunning buns all over the catwalk and on celebs alike. The higher the better and tighter on the sides secures sophisticated glam .. and we are loving it!


Soft Fringes and Undone Layers – This seasons must have style is the done yet undone look, soft fringes and grown out layers will give you the perfect look. From Victoria Secret to Runway models this look is a sure fire way to become a autumn fashionista. For more fringe inspiration check out these top celeb fringe ideas.


Don’t forget that your stylist will have a huge amount ideas to inspire you in these coming months .. whether it be a change in cut and style or a new change of colour, remember all change is good!!

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Healthy Summer Hair

So the summer is officially upon us and holiday season is here!! There is no better excuse then the summer sunshine to spend the long days out and about exploring the outdoors.

This blog is all things you need to know about protecting your hair this summer and having Healthy Summer Hair!!

Summer can bring a few challenges to our hair. The summer heat can damage our locks, give us very oily scalps, and even turn our hair green when in contact with chlorine. But, fear not! We are here to your rescue and want to share some amazing and simple summer hair tips!

Drinking Water

Image – Pinterest

The first essential top tip to healthy summer hair is keeping your fluid levels up and drinking plenty of water! Its a known fact that water is key to a healthy mind and body, but it also does wonders to your hair. Remember that water will always hydrate your hair and scalp. In addition to drinking 2-3 litres of water a day, make sure that you are eating delicious healthy foods that are boosting hair growth.

Reducing heat exposure to your hair is one of the best ways to protect it. If you are going to spend a long day in the sun, we recommend covering your hair and scalp with a hat/scarf etc and using a heat protector which includes an SPF protection.

ghd Heat Protection spray provides an invisible barrier over your hair protecting it fully from the heat of dryers, straighteners and the suns UV rays!!

Another way of protecting your hair is to avoid heat styling as much as possible, i know this may seem a tough choice however there are some amazing heat-free hairstyle ideas.

Another way to maintain healthy summer hair is to limit the amount of exposure your hair has towards chlorine. As you may be aware, high levels of chlorine can actually turn your hair green. The key to avoiding the greenish color and chlorine damage is to prep your hair before taking a swim. Dry hair acts like a sponge, so if you can rinse your hair with tap water before your swim in order to ensure it will absorb significantly less chlorine. Alternatively you can use a deep conditioner to coat your hair prior to swimming. After the swim, rinsing the hair thoroughly and using a deep cleansing shampoo will remove any traces of chlorine.

It is usual for many pools, gyms and leisure facilities with showers to use levels of chlorine in there water system so it is always recommended to wash your hair at home … at least you know the water does not contain the high levels of chlorine you may face!

Perspiration, environmental dirt and quick drying hair products like hair spray and hard hold gel can cause dryness at the best of times, however during the hotter summer months it can cause even more damage. Ensure you limit amount of drying products you use and refrain from shampooing every day!! When you do shampoo and condition your hair it would be recommended to use something slightly more hydrating to compensate for the hotter weather and humidity. A deep conditioning treatment when left on your hair will instantly refresh and hydrate your thirsty hair. If you have finer hair and are concerned about weighing your hair down try and use a light leave in conditioner.

L’Oreal’s Vitamino 10 in 1 spray is a light weight conditioning spray which protects your hair with 10 instant benefits – protection for hair colour radiance, shine, soft feeling, consistency, heat protection up to 230 degrees, detangling, helps blow-dry, anti-breakage.

10 in 1- Vitamino Colour

10 in 1- Vitamino Colour

Frizzy hair is a huge challenge for most people throughout the year, however during the summer months it seems to grow in size the minute you step out the door. Keeping your hair oiled and hydrated is the key to helping combat frizzy hair. Avoid over brushing your hair, this will encourage frizz and make your hair more unruly.

Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist for their top tips on keeping your hair healthy throughout the summer months. They can advise you on your best options for hair care and colour, frequency of appointments and non heat styling ideas.

Enjoy the Holidays 🙂

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Gaudi Hair – The History

Gaudi Hair - The History

Gaudi Hair – The History

Gaudi Hair has undergone some HUGE changes this year!! We have completed a refit and have some exciting times ahead of us. After months of planning and many hard decisions Angie, Steve and the whole team were so excited to showcase the new salon in January.

Adam & Eve Hairdressing

However it has not always been plain sailing – when Angie and Steve took on the salon in October 1997 they were unaware of the events ahead.

Adam and Eve Hairdressing

Adam and Eve Hairdressing

On the 27th October 1997, Angie and Steve took over Adam & Eve Hairdressing on Baldwin Street. The opportunity arose unexpectedly and with two small children at home it was a difficult decision to make. However they decided to embrace the already thriving business and mould it into their own.

The business went from strength to strength, and in 1999 Angie was approached by the owner of Charlie Browns (a competitive hair salon in the area) to merge.

Adam & Eve HairdressingThis would be hugely beneficial for both Angies team of 3 and the team of 5 at Charlie Browns. Once merged the business progressed and began to offer new services such as Afro/Multicultural hair services and wig cutting.

All was well for a short while but being a listed and very old building the salon always had continual problem with damp. In April 2000 Adam & Eve suffered a huge blow as a huge amount of water ingress caused the ceiling to collapse.

This created huge problems and ruined many areas of the salon needing repair works and painting.

After many phone calls and letters Bristol City Council finally repaired Adam & Eve with temporary repairs.

In October 2001 there was a major problem,Ceiling Collapse the once repaired ceiling had fully collapsed overnight, causing devastation to the whole premises, ruining everything the whole team had worked towards. This again was patched up so the salon could continue running however both Angie and Steve continued to battle with external forces to a permanent repair.

These issues continued for the next few years until eventually it caused the salon to cease trading and a search for a permanent repair solution was ongoing.

This was when the idea of relaunching the salon as Angela Gaudi Hair Design, came to life. As most of the salon was devastated during the flood, Angie and Steve felt a revamp was essential for the salons continual development.

After many months of planning and preparation Angela Gaudi Hair Design was born, opening in October 2006, ready to bring in Christmas and the New Year!!

Angela Gaudi continued to go from strength to strength, and with the team growing larger it felt necessary to extend the opening hours to accommodate for the growth, Angela Gaudi was thriving.

After the successful launch of the fabulous new salon, the team at Angela Gaudi felt it was only right to expand into competitions and more photo work. With many photo shoots and competition entries under their belts, the team took their previous experiences to make the photo shoots the best yet, and with massive success!!

With collections reaching the L’Oreal Colour Trophy Regional Finals in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Angela Gaudi also saw two team members Hannah and Sinead audition for a place on the prestigious L’Oreal ID Artist program. Hannah becoming a member for two years in 2012 and Sinead in 2014. This brought fantastic opportunities to both the individuals and the team members in the salon. This gave great exposure to Angela Gaudi as a salon and they had some fantastic opportunities of being involved with events, shows and to watch legends in the industry alongside their colleagues.

It was also during this time in 2013, Angela Gaudi Hair Design decided to relaunch into Gaudi Hair. 

IMAGE - Gaudi Hair

IMAGE – Gaudi Hair

Relaunching helped with modernization and development of Gaudi Hair, the logo and some elements of the salon changed, however the big salon refit was to come.

The refit came in January 2017 – After months of planning the salon reopened early this year with a stunning new design. Maintaining its Gaudi theme but with a modern twist, moving along with the times and keeping updated.

Angie continues to develop and mould her growing team, with education being a huge key in development for both new and existing team members.

With all the stylists at Gaudi Hair specializing in European and Afro Hairdressing. The diverse team are rigorously trained and maintain their education in order to stay on top of the latest cutting-edge products and techniques for European and Afro hair.

Working closely with ghd, L’Oreal Professional and Mizani, Angie and her team thrive to give all clients the ultimate Gaudi Experience!!

Let them indulge you in the ‘Gaudi Experience’ as you enjoy the complimentary refreshments, magazines, and free Wi-Fi access. Whether you visit Gaudi for a wedding style, a cut and colour, cornrow and weaving services, or even a festival style, their friendly team is sure to provide custom treatments as individual as you are.

Gaudi Hair – The History

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IMAGE - Gaudi Hair

IMAGE – Gaudi Hair

The GOLDEN rules to good hair!!

The GOLDEN rules to good hair!!

The GOLDEN rules to good hair!! 

The GOLDEN rules to good hair!!

Image –

The GOLDEN rules to good hair!!

Good hair doesn’t happen by chance, it happens with much care and usually at least a few hair salon appointments.

Now we all know that one person who naturally has utterly fabulous hair, whether they work hard at it or just jump fresh from bed, we can ALL have the opportunity to showcase gorgeous glossy hair!!

The GOLDEN rules to good hair!!

Image –

Following these simple hair-care tips will ensure your hair is at its best all year round and will make you the envy of all your friends!!

  • It is not recommended to wash your hair every day, try to wash it between 2-3 times a week. If you have afro/multicultural hair its recommended you wash your hair once a week. This encourages your hairs natural oils to spread throughout your hair, giving it some good natural nourishment.
  • When shampooing always shampoo twice, the first will always remove any product build up and the second will thoroughly cleanse your hair.
The GOLDEN rules to good hair!!


  • Keep your fluids up, not wine or coffee but water can have amazing effects on both your hair and skin.
  • Massaging your scalp helps to promote hair growth and well being – this is great to do when you have applied your conditioner to your hair.
The GOLDEN rules to good hair!!

Image –


  • Ensure you use both shampoos and conditioners recommended to you by your stylist.
  • Use weekly conditioning treatments, recommended by your stylist to keep your hair in tip top. Conditioning treatments and steam treatments ensure your hairs ultimate health.
  • Using a blast of cool water on your hair after conditioning helps to smooth your cuticle which enhances shine.
The GOLDEN rules to good hair!!

Image –

  • Keep your ends healthy by having regular trims, even if you are growing your hair it is advised to have the ends trimmed every few months – This will ensure healthy continual growth.
  • Always struggle to recreate your hair at home?? Remember styling and finishing products help to create a look – Do not be afraid to ask your stylist what they are using on your hair and what they recommend you use at home.
The GOLDEN rules to good hair!!

Image –

  • When blow-drying your hair always use a brush. To create smoothness a flat paddle brush can be used. For curl and body use a round brush – the bigger the brush the bigger the hair. It is also recommended to use ceramic brushes, these retain the heat when drying to ensure the best finish!!
  • To complete your blow-dry, finish with a blast of cool air. This will set the style and ensure maximum longevity.
  • Use a comb when straightening your hair to achieve an extra straight and smooth look.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask your stylist the best ways to keep your style – wrapping your hair at night in a silk scarf will keep smoothness and flatness. Plaiting or twisting your hair to sleep will ensure you keep curls and waves.


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How to style your hair WITHOUT heat

plaiting hair, how to style your hair without heat

We all know that spending hours every morning styling hair is not always the easiest option. Most busy lifestyles mean, on average you have just 20 minutes to yourselves before commitments such as work or the school run takes over. The easiest way for most people to create an impact quickly with their hair is to use heated appliances such as straighteners or tongs.



But as we all know using heated appliances can take its toll on our hair, so here is a guide on how to style your hair without heat!!

Most Heat-Free styling will always begin with freshly washed and conditioned hair.

  • Braids: Right out of the shower, towel dry your hair and detangle it with a wide-tooth comb. Use just a tiny bit of leave-in conditioner from the ends to the mid-shafts of your hair. L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Vitamino 10 in 1 spray would be great for this!! Separate your hair into three sections, and braid every section from the mid-shaft to the ends of the hair.
    IMAGE -

    IMAGE –

    Let it dry overnight or for a good few hours – once dried remove plaits and lightly use your fingers to tease braids out. Finish with a small pea size amount of Serie Expert Liss+ serum. 

TOP TIP – if you have thick hair you may wish to do more than 3 braids, this will encourage your hair to dry more efficiently.

  • Mousse/Curl Enhancer: Another way to make waves in hair is to use product and gently massage it into the ends and mid shaft of your hair. Use a combination of Tecni-Art Bouncy & Tender to smooth into your hair and then spray with Tecni-art PLI for hold. When you’re ready to make it wavy, just flip your hair upside down and scrunch it with your hands going upward toward your scalp. Keep in mind that these waves will be created once your hair is all dry. Continue to do this every now and again as your hair dries.

    IMAGE -

    IMAGE –

  • Twists: If your hair is naturally straight the best way to create a curl is twisting. Wait until your hair is 60% dry, then add a palm-sized amount of the above product to your hair. While it’s still damp, start from the top of your head and twist each strand until it starts curling up toward your scalp. Once it’s pressed against the scalp, pin the strand. You can use grips or curl clips to secure. Repeat steps until all of your hair is twirled and pinned. Let your hair air dry for and then shake the twists out.

TOP TIP – The above twisting technique works so well in naturally curly hair too. Follow the same above steps for really accentuated natural curls.

If you feel like curly styling is not for you, why not try some of the below ideas.

  • Smooth Finish: Right out of the shower, towel-dry your hair and detangle it with a wide-tooth comb. Then, separate your hair into two sections with a side part. Comb flat and clip or pin the smaller side section back. Section by section comb flat to your head to keep smooth and start pinning or flat pinning small strands of your hair until it all lays flat on your head. Keep pinning in a circular motion around your head until all of your hair is pinned. You can either wait a few hours for it to dry, or sleep with it in a satin scarf overnight. Then release your hair by taking out all the pins and clips. Your hair will come out straight and silky.
  • IMAGE -

    IMAGE –

    To create volume: Use large rollers (size of coke cans) on 50% air dried hair.

    IMAGE - Pinterest

    IMAGE – Pinterest

    Roll big sections of hair and secure them at the end with a pin or a clip. For extra body, roll the hair at the front and at the crown of your head. Wait a couple of hours until your hair is fully dry, then release your hair until it’s wavy. Finger through your hair and spray with Air Fix hairspray. You can also get rollers which you can sleep in – they have a soft center to ensure full comfort when sleeping.

  • HAIR UP: Putting your hair up for work or play is always a fun way to experiment with different styles. It doesn’t have to be complicated – even the styles that complicated can be created very simply. YouTube is a great tool which showcases thousands of different video tutorials and how to’s. You can try quick tricks such as plaiting or twisting your fringe. Messy twist up, for a soft hair up or the sleek top knot!!

So we hope you have learnt many ways how to style your hair without heat. Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more daily hints, tips and how to’s.

Gents Grooming – A History to Present!

For centuries male grooming or barbering has been an essential day to day for most men, therefore relying on their Barber to help keep all beards and hair in check.



A barber is a person whose occupation is mainly to cut, dress, groom, style and shave men’s and boys’ hair. A barber’s place of work is known as a “barber shop” or a “barber’s”.

IMAGE - Pintrest

IMAGE – Pinterest

Barber shops are also places of social interaction. In some instances, barbershops are also public forums. They are the locations of open debates, voicing public concerns, and engaging citizens in discussions about contemporary issues. They were also influential in helping shape male identity.

Starting from the Middle Ages, barbers often served as surgeons and dentists. In addition to hair-cutting, hairdressing, and shaving, barbers performed surgery, bloodletting and leeching, fire cupping, enemas, and the extraction of teeth; earning them the name “barber surgeons“. Barbers received higher pay than surgeons until surgeons were entered into British warships during naval wars. Some of the duties of the barber included neck manipulation, cleansing of ears and scalp, draining of boils, fistula and lancing of cysts with wicks.

IMAGE - Pintrest

IMAGE – Pinterest


The barber pole, most commonly featuring red and white spiraling stripes, symbolized different aspects of their craft. In 1540, the law required barbers and barber surgeons to distinguish their services by the colours of their pole. Barbers used blue and white poles, while barber surgeons used red and white poles. In today’s modern world some poles show red, white and blue, some say it goes back to the red representing arterial blood, the blue represents venous blood and the white represents the bandages. When the barber poles are spinning the red stripes are meant to move in a direction that makes  the red (arterial blood) seem as if it is flowing downwards, as it does in the body.

IMAGE - Pinterest

IMAGE – Pinterest

In the modern world, Barbers would not attempt surgeries, their work however can and will be just as precise and ‘Cut Throat’ as that of a surgeon.

Male Grooming has dominated the industry over the last 5 years, with many traditional barbering techniques incorporated in the modern world. Both Male and Female Hairstylists specializing in all aspects of barbering with many colleges and training centers running courses specifically tailored to barbering.

During almost all the 20th century, barbershops were only for men and hair salons only for women. At the end of the 1970’s, men started to wear very long hair, long sideburns and perms. The traditional male barbershops, did not offer those kinds of services, and it was more related to the women’s salons, and, in consequence, the barbers’ reaction was to expand their clientele and to offer their services to both men and women. In the 1980’s unisex barbershops started to be every day more common, and in the 1990’s, almost all salons were giving services to both genders and today all hair salons offer services for both genders.

IMAGE - Google

IMAGE – Google

In all major towns, cities and small villages you will come across a huge array of barbershops and hair salons, all of which have their own specialist services. Traditionally today in barbershops, services are more commonly known and male grooming.

IMAGE - youtube

IMAGE – youtube

Male Grooming services are huge for male clientele in today’s day and age, offering not only haircuts but services such as beard shaping and colouring, hair replacement services and facial waxing.

All of our stylists at Gaudi continue to develop their personal skills to meet the needs of all aspects of male grooming, from NVQ certificates in barbering and individual courses across the country with the top barbers and groomers in the industry.


Our stylists Lorelle and Maisie have recently enrolled in a barbering course at Reflections Training Academy, they are learning all forms of modern and traditional barbering. Soon to complete, the girls are using their new found barbering skills in the salon. They are keeping the whole team in the know with their new skills and knowledge by regular in-salon training and tutorials.


Just recently our senior stylist Sinead and Lorelle visited the L’Oreal Hammersmith academy for a specialist barbering course with the award winning barber Sheriff Mehmet and his team from Envy Barbers, London. They spent the morning learning all about Sheriff’s successful business and his male grooming services he offers. They had a deep insight into the barbering world and learnt all about different tip and tricks you can use to help you along the way. They then watched a demo from the master himself showing off his skills on two male models, opening it up to a question and answer session for all those burning questions the students may have had.

In the afternoon the girls were given there own models to work on, it was encouraged by Sheriff to try out techniques learnt that day on the models. Both Sinead and Lorelle found this really helpful to try out the skills they learnt that day on a one to one basis with the whole team. Here are their finished looks; image1-1 image3-1


Here at Gaudi we offer a huge variety of male grooming:-

  • Contemporary cutting.
  • Traditional barbering.
  • A complete men’s hair product range.
  • A full consultation before every cut.
  • New suggestions for your hairstyle.

Whether you choose to maintain your current look or go for a complete restyle, you can feel at ease and enjoy:

  • Complimentary refreshments.
  • Tips on styling your hair at home.
  • A relaxing shampoo and condition.
  • Optional upgrade to our luxury shampoo and conditioning treatment with relaxing head massage.

No appointment necessary, although we do recommend you book an appointment to avoid disappointment. Click on the BOOK NOW tab to register for online booking and make your own appointments at your own convenience.