Mizani which means ‘balance’ in Swahili is a premium range within the salon. Mizani works to balance the forces of beauty and chemistry to meet the needs of today’s global beauty. The entire range is formulated for all natural curl types and a hair care regime can be customised to suit your individual needs.

Our expertly trained Mizani specialists go through a unique process with emphasis on educating clients on how to care for their own hair.

We offer the complete range of Mizani haircare including –

  • Salon exclusive treatments
  • 5 step moisturising and restoring relaxing system
  • Full range of shampoos and conditioners
  • Luxury night time treatments
  • Hair and scalp oils
  • Complete styling and finishing products


Weave hair extensions were originally associated with afro hair types although they now have become very popular with all hair types due to their versatility. They are a very effective way to create a complete change or to enhance your own look.

What can I achieve from weaved hair extensions?

  • A temporary change for a special occasion, wedding, birthdays or holiday
  • Add length to your own hair
  • Try out a shorter length hairstyle
  • Add thickness and volume to your own hair
  • Add colour to enhance your look
  • Can make growing out a relaxer or perm much easier
  • Try out different hair types e.g. curly/wavy/straight



We do require a full consultation before any appointment is booked. Our consultations are free of charge and they give you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have. We can advise you and help you make the right decision for your new look when choosing the perfect length, colour, hair type, where to source your hair and how many packets you will need, as we do not supply the hair.



The technique we use to secure the hair means there are absolutely no chemicals, adhesives or heated tools used. We have used the ‘weaved’ technique for over 10 years at Gaudi Hair and it gives the opportunity to create lots of different styles without commitment.

We begin by corn rowing the desired sections to the scalp; this gives us a secure platform to sow the hair onto. We then sow the weft hair directly onto the corn row, allowing the weft hair to lay flat against the scalp and look as natural as possible.

We offer full head, half head or single rows to create your desired look.



Q Will anyone be able to tell I’m wearing Weave Hair Extensions?
A. The weave will be fitted as discreetly as possible. This will depend on the current style of your own hair, style intended and how well you maintain your hair at home. Visiting the salon 2 weekly to have it washed will maintain the life or your weave and keep it looking its best.

Q. Do I have to use specific products to maintain my Hair Extensions?
A. Yes, as some products may damage or shorten the life of the weave. Your stylist will recommend the best products to use to keep the hair tangle free, looking its best and lasting as long as possible.

Q. How long will my Hair Extensions last?
A. Your Hair Extensions will last roughly 8-12 weeks, at some point they will grow down so far they become visible and that is normally the point at which a client decides to remove them.

If you require any other information please call the salon 0117 9298009.

If you decide to book for our extension service we do require a non refundable 50% deposit to secure your booking.