Hair Donation at Gaudi!


Have you ever thought about donating your hair to charity? The Little Princess Trust is a UK charity that aims to provide real hair wigs to young girls who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment. The Little Princess Trust obtains wigs in two ways – they either buy them for £350 each, or they receive hair donations from people and have the wigs made free of charge. For this reason, it is an immeasurable help to the charity when people donate their hair after their appointment. Making wigs requires a lot of donations too – one person’s donation only makes up part of one full wig! As long as you are willing to donate at least 7”17cm that is in good condition you can participate! Hair donation can be a great way to help out children going through a rough time and freshen up your style simultaneously. Besides, every time you look at your new haircut you will be reminded of the happiness you would have brought to someone’s life.

We recently welcomed a lovely client, Bethany, to Gaudi Hair Salon for this very process. When we asked what motivated her to donate her hair she told us: “The kids deserve it and I might as well make use of it instead of the hair going in the bin!” Pretty reasonable, wouldn’t you think?! Bethany’s hair was quite long before her appointment – she had been growing it out for 5 years and it reached all the way down to her hips. Although her hair was in great condition, she really wanted to cut it short because walking to class every day in the summer heat with hair that long was just getting to be too hot! Spring and summer are the perfect time for a big chop anyway.

Before her cut, her hair was actually bright green and had to be dyed back to brown again. The Little Princess Trust wants wigs to look as natural as possible which is why they only accept natural colours.



Maisie cut off about 12 inches from Bethany’s hair so that it reaches about shoulder length. In order to donate hair to charity, we sectioned off the area that we needed to cut and put four plaits in it – that way the hair is nice and neat and stays in place when we send it off. This method also makes the cut look nice and natural without any harsh edges!


Bethany brought in a picture of Rosie Huntington Whitely as inspiration for her cut, and she also asked for a slight balayage.


Here’s her ‘after’. We think she looks beautiful and we’re so thankful for her generosity in helping young girls in need!

Find out more about the The Little Princess Trust here and check out their gallery here!