Unlock your true colour potential

A game changer in the world of hair, beauty and self-care. Start your journey of self-discovery, fully embracing you, building positivity & self confidence. Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to confidence with “Discover You” at Gaudi Hair.

“Discover you” is a personalised journey of self-discovery that dive’s deep into your identity, lifestyle and personality. Using the power of colour to unlock your true colour identity, feel empowered and look fantastic.

Ever wanted an expert to tell you exactly what would suit you? Elevate your complexion using your hair colour? Illuminate your skin tone and make your eyes pop with key items in your wardrobe? Delve deeper into your personal self-development?

Our ‘Discover You’ consultation is a 5 step process that pin points what makes you unique and brings you into focus. Uncovering your true colour potential. Giving you a completely new out look on your hair colour, hair cut and how you style your hair. Explore what key colour pieces you already own in your wardrobe that will elevate you to a higher level. Discover that you already have a built in preference when it comes to choosing your outfits and putting looks together.

Take it a step further, for those looking to delve deeper into their personal self-development with an exploratory session with Angie, Transformational Coach. This session is designed to identify any areas that may be holding you back from realising your full potential and give you the tools to set compelling goals for your future.

Discover You Colour & Style ID

Discover what every guest should know before having their hair coloured…

Colour & Style ID

Discover You Steps to Self Discovery

Gain clarity, focus and feel empowered! Are you looking to take the next steps in your personal growth?

Steps to Self Discovery

Sound to good to be true?

In this fast-paced world we live in, it’s easy to lose sight of ourselves. Balancing work and home life, social commitments and relationships. New beginnings, moving home, starting a family and job pressure’s and hectic schedules. We have noticed that many of our guests feel disconnected from their inner style and self-confidence. This realisation led us to design our very own Gaudi Hair strategy “Discover You”.


“It was a real learning experience, finding out what hair colour, styles and shapes suit me best. I love that some of my colours I would already wear or choose for home interiors but has also given me the confidence to try new colours. I am much happier since adjusting my hair colour and I am much more decisive when clothes shopping. I would definitely recommend the Discover You Consultation to anyone wanting to feel more confident in their own style choices.”

Bekki Price 2023