Let’s Talk Consultation…


97% of hairdressers claimed they give a consultation during every appointment…

Yet only 7% of clients said they have ever had one.

We get to know you and your hair, what you can do and what you desire so we can give the best advice.

We also offer specialist online consultations for Afro hair, Colouring, KeraStraight, Perming and Wedding hair.

What is a consultation?

A consultation is a chance for us to meet, a chance for you to visit the salon and get to know us. We will talk all things hair! 

  • Previous/Present/Desired styles 
  • Your inspo pics 
  • Discuss possibilities 
  • Carry out any required hair tests 
  • Allergy Alert Test 
  • Quotations

Why are consultations so important?

Ultimately we need to know how you would like your hair to look, but it goes deeper than that. 

  • We want to know how we can help you, is there something you struggle with? 
  • Have you never achieved the colour/look you’ve dreamed of?
  • Have you wondered how to style your hair yourself?

We can help, we just need time to talk.

We’ll ask a range of questions to gather relevant information,

  • Look at inspiration pictures together (we love it when you bring your own!)
  • Pinpoint any areas we can help you with
  • Work together to plan your look
  • We guarantee to offer solutions to your hair problems whatever they may be, leaving you with confidence and a healthy, younger looking you.   
  • Our team will offer you the perfect homecare regime, sharing, showing and involving you with top tips for creating different looks.

Whether you have thirsty curls and coils, hair in need of repair and strength, need to protect your colour, want volume, waves or a sleek finish, we can provide the perfect prescription.                                                                                   

How to get the most from a consultation

Be prepared 

We love it when you bring pictures along with you. Pictures form the basis of our consultations and are a great starting point to managing your expectation.

Be truthful (and so will we!)

We will ask about your hair history as this will determine what is achievable. The more you tell us the better we can assess what is possible for your hair. If we don’t know about a previous chemical before the service, we definitely will after.

Be open-minded

We want the best for you, and sometimes that means trying something new. We won’t be offended if you decide not to go for it but we will always offer change.

You can book for a consultation online, alternatively, you can fill out our online consultation form and someone will be in touch.