Colour & style id

Ever wanted an expert to tell you exactly what would suit you?

Take the guess work away from choosing your hair colour? 

Pin point key items of clothing that are already in your wardrobe?

“Discover you” is a personalised journey of self-discovery that dive’s deep into your identity, lifestyle and personality. Using the power of colour to unlock your true colour identity, feel empowered and look fantastic.

Feeling like you have lost your way with your image can be deflating. Nothing ever feels quite right so you end up wearing the same old things day in, day out. Your too busy to shop and if you do you just quickly grab and dash to the till without even trying clothes on. We have all been there! Changing your hair cut or colour seems daunting and you’ve had the same lipsticks since early 2000’s! These are all things that you may have thought about changing now and again but then life gets in the way and we go back to what we know! We want you to take the lead, take control of your look and feel confident to be your true authentic self.

Our ‘Discover You’ consultation is a 5 step process that takes the guess work out of choosing your next look, truly pin points what makes you unique and gives you the confidence boost you need! Brings you into focus and uncovers your true colour potential. Giving you a completely new outlook on your hair colour, hair cut/style and how you style yourself. Explore what key colour pieces you already own in your wardrobe that will elevate your confidence to a higher level. Discover that you already have a built in preference when it comes to choosing your outfits and putting looks together and the reasons why you have things in your wardrobe you have never worn!

If you love:

  • Being Organised
  • Looking Great
  • Believe in the ‘look good, feel good’ factor

Then a Discover you Consultation is perfect for you!

Discover you Colour & Style ID

Our 5 step consultation creates the building blocks to your new found confidence. So whether its getting to know what hair colours suit you perfectly, discovering your true colour palette or understanding your shape, we are here to support you the whole way!

What Included in your Discover You Colour & Style ID?

▫️ A Pre-Session questionnaire to gain a true insight into you

▫️ Find balance and self awareness within your personality

▫️ Asses your skin tone and complexion

▫️ Carry out a full colour draping analysis to determine which colour palette enhances your skin tone

▫️ Understand you body architecture

▫️ Hair colour assessment and discuss suitability

▫️ Talk you through hair cut & style considerations

▫️ Detailed prescription of how to maintain your amazing hair

Also included: A follow up digital style guide, so you are armed and ready with all the information you need to continue your journey of discovery.

▫️ Get your hands on your very own colour wallet! Your handy ‘pocket palette’ with all of your ideal colours to take shopping and build your colour repertoire.

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Usually 👉£550 👈

See your True Colour Potential

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Buy Now For Just £150, See Your True Colour Potential


“It was a real learning experience, finding out what hair colour, styles and shapes suit me best. I love that some of my colours I would already wear or choose for home interiors but has also given me the confidence to try new colours. I am much happier since adjusting my hair colour and I am much more decisive when clothes shopping. I would definitely recommend the Discover You Consultation to anyone wanting to feel more confident in their own style choices.”

Bekki Price 2023


Where will my consultation take place?

Your consultation will take place in our colour & style area in the salon. Our dedicated area to gain the best natural lighting and privacy away from the salon floor.

Do I need to wear anything in particular to my consultation?

The most important thing is that you are comfortable! A neutral colour would be preferred (white, cream, grey, tan, brown, navy, black) as we don’t want a busy pattern distracting your focus.

Should I wear make up to my consultation?

Yes you can wear make up but keep your base (foundation, fake tan, concealer, contouring) to a minimum. We want to keep your beautiful skin tone in focus.

Will I receive a record of my consultation?

Yes, you will receive a digital copy of your analysis. The document will include your analysis results, recommendations in make up/clothing/accessories/nail polish, top tips to dress your body shape.

Can I bring a friend with me?

Due to limited space in salon, we would prefer if you came by yourself to your consultation. That way we can truly focus on you throughout your time with us.

Can I have this consultation if I have had my colours done before?

Yes, no doubt you will learn something new on this occasion. You will already have a good understanding of your analysis so we can explore any areas you struggle with or need further assistance. On the rare occasion that we analyse you differently we can explore the reasons behind these findings and help build your confidence and understanding.