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Below you will find your Pre Questionnaire. These questions contain key information that will give us a true picture of who you are. Please answer as thoroughly as you can.

Once you have submitted your pre questionnaire our Front of house will be in contact to book you in for your Colour & Style ID Consultation.

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    About You

    What best describes your skin tone?
    Very pale, ivory skin. Burns very easily and unable to tanLight, ivory skin.Burns easily and slow to tanLight to golden-brown skin. Tans easily and occasionally burnsCaramel, golden or olive-brown skin. Tans easily and rarely burnsDeep bronze or rich-brown skin. Rarely burnsMelanin-rich, black skin. Very rarely burns

    What are your feelings towards Make-up?
    I don't tend to use a lot of makeup, what I do use is quite low maintenance, the same everydayI tend to change my make-up depending on what I am wearing. I update my makeup bag with new products every now and thenI’m very experimental with my make-up. I like dramatic eyes or strong lips. I change the products I use all the time depending on the latest trends

    How do you feel about cutting your hair?
    I’m less inclined to change my hair cut. I think it works for me, so I stick with the same thingNow and then I like to ask for something a bit different in terms of cutI frequently go for new cuts, it depends on my mood

    Your Wardrobe

    How would you describe your body shape?
    Sharp StraightStraightSoft StraightSoft Curved

    How do you like to feel in your clothes?
    Tick which means most to you.