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As the warmer months roll in, and the sound of music gets louder it can only mean one thing… festival season is upon us. Across the continent the biggest music festivals open their gates to millions of fashionistas, looking for the next fix of music through their veins and to of course debut their latest festival fashion collections. Whether it is Glastonbury, Coachella or Benicassim, or even Bristol based festivals such as Love Saves The Day & Tokyo Dub, style is the forefront of all festival goers’ minds.

Glastonbury festival

IMAGES – Glastonburyfestival.com

Whether its comfort, fashion or for fun here are some hints and tips to keep you looking your festival best.

Pretty much all festivals in this day and age have hair and beauty salons on site, so if styling and make up is not your thing, let someone else do it for you. Most festival salons will have running water so wash and blow-dry’s are a great way to create the ultimate festival glam. Be aware these pop up salons can be a little pricey however will be worth it for some indulgence and pampering.


IMAGES – lorealprofessional.co.uk

IMAGES – lorealprofessional.co.uk

If you are happy to style out yourself, dry shampoo is a must!! L’Oréal Professionals Morning After Dust is the go to festival product. It helps to revive your style and release a delicious perfume scent for up to 24 hours. It ensures a long-lasting fresh feel, with no visible residue after brushing. Hair feels and smells like freshly washed hair. Spray 15-30 cm away from the roots and shake fingers through hair.

Other great hair options are accessories such as headbands, flowers and clips, perfect to hide the 3+ days of dirt. Flower crowns can be found in most high street stores and online, however if you want something truly special wait until you get onto the site. Most big festivals have amazing gift shops where you can pick up all of your hair and beauty must haves. Hats and scarfs are also a great way to mask the horror of festival hair.


Don’t be afraid to try something different, plaits and twists will help to secure your hair into place, keeping it out of the way whilst creating a fashionable look.

PHOTO – thatsoyoo.com

PHOTO – thatsoyoo.com

Ask your stylist to show you how to achieve a simple braided or twisted style.

A huge look this festival season is Glitter Roots, now unless you have been living under a rock; you must have seen or heard of this!! It’s a huge trend that swept across the festival scene last year and is back bigger and better this year. It is an ingenious way to hide the greasy roots and to create something sparkly. It can be as ambitious or simplistic as you wish. To achieve this you will simply need a pot of glitter (or glitters) of your choice and either a wet hair spray or gel. Simply spray or lightly gel the root area and sprinkle to your hearts content.

IMAGES – Glamour Magazine

IMAGES – Glamour Magazine

Now you are all set in the hair department lets cover a few other areas of festival fashion. Of course the most important part of the experience is the music however you must look good whilst watching the headliners, correct?

Remember most British festivals can’t predict 100% sunshine so be prepared with some waterproof clothing and sensible footwear. Just because you are being sensible doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. Wellies and ponchos come in all sorts of styles and colours so you can dress to impress whatever the weather. Don’t forget some warmer clothes (just in case) jumpers and cardigans are your best bet. Also a number one Gaudi top tip is to pack a pair of tights in your bag so you can easily slip them on at any time. Remember this is your time to shine and anything goes, bold prints, tassels even rubber – festivals are the perfect excuse to think outside of the box and let your fashionista run away with you.

Looking your best at a festival is hard going especially when the lack of sleep and mud catches up with you, in this situation make up is your saviour. We are not suggesting a full face of contoured perfection however these few tips may help you feel less festival freak and more festival chic.

Look at the check list below to help you pack the ultimate festival make up bag.

  • Waterproof mascara – essential for those tears of joy (or to help when the rain falls)
  • A bold lipstick – nothing says festival like a bright lip colour
  • Concealer – perfect for when the bags start to appear under the eyes
  • Glitter, glitter and more glitter – whether its eyeshadow, liquid liner or loose powder, glitter is perfect for covering every blemish and brightening up your whole look.

So there you have it the ultimate guide to festivals and fashion the Gaudi way. For more hints, tips and advice and to keep up to date with all things Gaudi follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Hair care: how to detangle the worst knots!

Tangled hair can be very difficult to deal with, especially if your hair texture is curly or dry and tends to get tangled easily. As hairdressers, we’ve undone a lot of knots and we know how to make the process as easy and pain-free as possible. In this post, we’ve included our 5 top tips for dealing with tangled hair, as well as some extra tips for preventative care. With just a little bit of patience and strategy, you will have those knots out in no time. Just remember, whichever method you use, the key is to always be very gentle – never pulling or breaking the hair.

  1. Divide your hair into small-to-medium sections.

Use hair clips to section your hair out into manageable pieces. Isolating one piece of hair at a time makes it a lot easier to identify knots and work through them carefully. After each section is tangle-free, smooth a bit of hair oil onto the ends with your fingers to moisturise and protect against future knots.

  1. Work from the bottom up.

Detangling from the ends to the roots is the most manageable method. Think about it – if you try to start from the roots you will have to work through an entire tangle to get to the ends, whereas if you start from the ends and work your way up you can clear out one small piece of the tangle at a time.

  1. Hold your hair right above the tangle while combing.

Once you have a tangled piece of hair sectioned out, hold that section firmly with your fingers above the tangle that you are working on. If you have a strong grip above the tangle, you will stop the ‘pull’ of your comb from pulling on your scalp. This way, you protect yourself from feeling any pain and from accidentally pulling out any hair. This technique will also allow you to have a much more controlled handle over the tangle.

  1. Use detangling products and tools.  Using products meant specifically to unravel tangles will make combing your hair so much more manageable.   For clients with afro hair, a great detangling product that we always recommend is MIZANI D’Tangle Moisturising Leave-in Milk, which provides slip, moisturisation, and enhanced elasticity to minimise breakage and reduce friction while detangling.  We also love MIZANI True Textures Curl Recharge which is a leave-in spray that helps reshape curls prior to styling, moisturise, and prevent breakage. For clients with a European hair texture our top recommendations are  L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert 10 in 1 Spray (especially good for colour-treated hair) or L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Hydra Repair, which is a leave-in moisturising and styling treatment.  Along with products, it is important to invest in the best tools for your hair type.  A wide tooth comb is a great choice as it helps separate the hair without getting caught too easily.  We also love using the Tangle Teezer – a special brush made for detangling that works excellently on wet or dry hair. Tangle Teezers are also great for kid’s hair as they really minimise yanking and pulling while also being one of the most effective detangling tools.
  1. Detangle while in the shower.

If you have highly textured or very damaged hair, you may want to do your detangling process in the shower.  After shampooing, saturate your hair thoroughly with conditioner and use your fingers to loosen up any major knots. Once your hair is mostly tangle-free, dry your hair by squeezing the ends with a towel and moving your hair as little as possible (meaning: don’t rub with the towel or pile your hair on top of your head).

Note: For very curly hair with a high propensity to tangle, step out of the shower after saturating hair with conditioner and place your hair inside a plastic shower cap. Let the conditioner soak into your hair for 10-30 minutes, then finger-detangle and rinse.

  1. If you have very damaged hair and you are experiencing difficult knots, try finger-detangling dry hair with a detangling product.

Hair is less fragile when dry, so if you are really worried about damage then try to detangle hair before washing while using a detangling product (alternatively, melted coconut oil is an inexpensive option that works well) to help give the hair some slip. Use your fingers to coat the knot in oil and then pull apart the hair slowly until the knot is loose enough to be completely undone with a wide-tooth comb.

Note: If you have a really bad tangle or a tangle that is located in a difficult location like the back of your head, come into the salon and have it removed professionally. In some cases, it is better to have an expert hairdresser help you because matted hair can very easily become damaged if dealt with incorrectly.

How to prevent tangles in the future:

  • Keep your hair regularly trimmed.

Split or dry ends contribute massively to tangles. Make sure to keep your ends healthy by having regular trims every 2-3 months. Many people avoid getting trims this often because they are concerned about retaining their length, but regular trims are necessary to grow and maintain long hair!

  • Sleep on top of a silk pillowcase or with your hair in a silk bonnet.

Friction causes tangles, so you want your hair to lie on a silky, slippery surface to reduce abrasion while you sleep.

  • While washing your hair, focus only on your scalp.

A lot of tangles come about as a result of the shampooing process because you are rubbing your hair all around. When shampooing, concentrate all of your effort on the scalp only so that you minimise the amount of movement on the ends of the hair.

We hope these tips help those of you with tangles and feel free to ask us for personalised advice and product recommendations at your next appointment. For more tips, blog updates, salon news and beauty trends Like our Facebook Page, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter!

XO, Gaudi Hair

Hair Donation at Gaudi!

Have you ever thought about donating your hair to charity? The Little Princess Trust is a UK charity that aims to provide real hair wigs to young girls who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment. The Little Princess Trust obtains wigs in two ways – they either buy them for £350 each, or they receive hair donations from people and have the wigs made free of charge. For this reason, it is an immeasurable help to the charity when people donate their hair after their appointment. Making wigs requires a lot of donations too – one person’s donation only makes up part of one full wig! As long as you are willing to donate at least 7”17cm that is in good condition you can participate! Hair donation can be a great way to help out children going through a rough time and freshen up your style simultaneously. Besides, every time you look at your new haircut you will be reminded of the happiness you would have brought to someone’s life.

We recently welcomed a lovely client, Bethany, to Gaudi Hair Salon for this very process. When we asked what motivated her to donate her hair she told us: “The kids deserve it and I might as well make use of it instead of the hair going in the bin!” Pretty reasonable, wouldn’t you think?! Bethany’s hair was quite long before her appointment – she had been growing it out for 5 years and it reached all the way down to her hips. Although her hair was in great condition, she really wanted to cut it short because walking to class every day in the summer heat with hair that long was just getting to be too hot! Spring and summer are the perfect time for a big chop anyway.

Before her cut, her hair was actually bright green and had to be dyed back to brown again. The Little Princess Trust wants wigs to look as natural as possible which is why they only accept natural colours.



Maisie cut off about 12 inches from Bethany’s hair so that it reaches about shoulder length. In order to donate hair to charity, we sectioned off the area that we needed to cut and put four plaits in it – that way the hair is nice and neat and stays in place when we send it off. This method also makes the cut look nice and natural without any harsh edges!


Bethany brought in a picture of Rosie Huntington Whitely as inspiration for her cut, and she also asked for a slight balayage.


Here’s her ‘after’. We think she looks beautiful and we’re so thankful for her generosity in helping young girls in need!

Find out more about the The Little Princess Trust here and check out their gallery here!

The Top Four Ways to Wear Hair Flowers This Summer

With all the festivals and outdoor activities that go on during the summer here in Bristol, our salon is ready for all of the coming trends.  One timeless hair trend that is becoming extra popular this year is adding flower accessories to the hair. Floral headbands, bohemian flower crowns, and strong floral accents were all over the runways this spring. What better way to welcome the warm weather and add a romantic factor to your look than to embrace flowers as an accessory?    Here are four of the top hottest ways to accessorise with flowers this summer.

1.  Sprinkled throughout.


Zac Posen S/S ’14


Nothing can top the enchanting, carefree vibe of curly or wavy hair with dainty little flowers sprinkled throughout. It’s like you just rolled across a field of dreamy daisies and you are so magical that instead of getting covered in dirt and grass you got covered in perfectly placed flowers.   This look would be perfect on all hair lengths, whether you have very long hair or a short pixie cut. Get some sprigs of Baby’s Breath flowers and pin them strategically throughout your hair with hair grips.  Unless your hair is naturally curly or wavy, you may want to texturize it with a sea salt spray or curling iron so that the pins are less visible.  Alternatively, you could put your hair in an updo and add some small flower clips (like these ones from Accessorize – £6) throughout.



2.  Wear a crown.

Picture found on BuzzFeed.

Picture found on BuzzFeed.


Picture found on StyleCaster

Picture found on StyleCaster

Picture found on showmeyourmumu.com

Picture found on showmeyourmumu.com

Dolce & Gabbana, Picture found on Fashioning

Dolce & Gabbana, Picture found on Fashioning

For a super easy throw-on-and-go look, wear a flower crown (or a partial flower crown). This idea is extra hot on the runways and a highly trending for festivals.  A floral piece like this is such a great way to dress up your hair if you want to just wear it down or natural. Opt for a large colourful crown if you want to make a fun statement, or go for a subtler crown for a whimsical, romantic look.

It would be really fun to custom make your own, but here are some pretty store-bought hair crowns we’ve found:

New Look –  Pink Floral Hair Garland £4.50

Top Shop – Large Rose Garland £16

New Look – White Flower Layered Hair Garland  £4.50

New Look – Multi Coloured Floral Hair Garland  £3.75



3.  Flower Clusters

Picture found on Harpers Bazaar.

Picture found on Harpers Bazaar.

Picture found on Fashionising.

Picture found on Fashionising.

Trending with Dolce and Gabbana on the runways this spring were chunky clusters of Venetian red flowers tucked into the sides of classic chignons.  Choose three or four natural looking flowers and pin them into a cluster formation on the side of a simple updo style.  You could buy fake flowers from a craft shop and make your own flower pins, or you could buy pre-made ones (like these from Claire’s, £4).  If you can get your hands on some real roses or carnations, even better.  This hairstyle would be perfect for a romantic summer dinner date!


4. Go Edgy

Bora Aksu S/S '15

Bora Aksu S/S ’15

Fendi S/S '15

Fendi S/S ’15

For an intriguing twist on the ultra-feminine floral look, go for flower themed accessories made from metal or synthetic leather fabric. While not quite as dainty as traditional flowers, these adornments make an extra bold statement that is just as enchanting.


Welcome to our brand new website!


Welcome to our brand new website!  At Gaudi Hair, we are constantly trying to make our salon the best that it can be.  Creating a brand new website was a big step, but we feel it is of utmost importance that our clients have a luxury experience with us in person and online.  We think this new site design is much more representative of the creativity and artistic talents of our salon and stylists.  It will also be much easier to navigate and is completely mobile friendly, so you can access us through any device.  We worked with Day One Media, a creative agency in Bristol, to make this website happen!  Make sure you check our blog once in awhile for hair care advice, tutorials, beauty trends, and hair tips!

While you’re here, let us take the opportunity to introduce ourselves in case you don’t already know us.  Our founding stylist Angie has owned Gaudi Hair for 18 years and has since been committed to growing a powerhouse of professional, knowledgeable, and personable stylists.  We at Gaudi Hair now pride ourselves for being one of the most established luxury salons in Bristol.  Our award-winning stylists are expertly trained and maintain their education to stay on top of all the cutting-edge techniques and beauty trends.

One thing that truly sets our salon apart is our ability to treat all hair types.  We are one of the only salons in the South West to have expert knowledge of European and Afro hairdressing, with customers travelling from as far as Cardiff just to see our stylists.  We know that our clients with highly textured or chemically relaxed hair require highly prescriptive treatment, and we are able to provide that. Gaudi Hair is one of the only South West salons to partner with L’oreal Professional’s MIZANI brand, which is a product line engineered specifically for Afro and excessively curly hair types.  Our MIZANI partnership ensures that our stylists are on-trend with all the newest techniques and products available for Afro hair.  And, since highly textured hair requires unique home-care, we regularly host Afro Hair Events where we provide several hours of professional hair care education.  In fact, our next Afro Hair Event is coming up on Friday, June 5 at The Rose Green Centre from 6pm-9pm!

We are open Tuesday through Sunday, so come pay us a visit.  We provide results as individual as our clients!